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Cyber Monday Special

Several online articles have mentioned that, in at least one city that attracted a new big investor, there were more given in financial incentives than the proposed investment. There was yet another article earlier mentioning that intuition would guide the choice for the new lair (or lairs, as it turns out).

Here's my intuition - I'm guessing there are going to be improvements to infrastructure, more than what was originally publicized, going above and beyond for our new homes look and see, that are going to end up being paid for by the subsidies those cities gave out in the first place. I can't be the first person to think of this, but if I'm right, and the company ends up using the city's own money to build conveniences as their "gift" to the city, I'm going to find that as laughable as a big global media company crying about bullying (yeesh, how opinion has supplanted news).

Still, however both cities end up benefiting, congratulations to you - and best wishes to those striking all over the world.

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