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Another knot down

Before I forget - yi1 dong4 ni3 de gou4 wu4 che1 - ni3 bu4 shi4 guo4 dao4 li3 wei2 yi1 de ren2.

One less tether in the way, and more possibilities. I'm glad to find that I don't have to rely on the tentacle beast for many of my favorite apps, and I'm finding new ones that are a better fit. (Granted, it means using yet another behemoth, but it's the lesser of two at the moment.) I'm racking up the crowns as I review languages I learned earlier, on top of surprising myself with how far I got on the initial placement test (xie4 xie4 lao3 shi1).

One of the things mentioned in class was that some Chinese characters have a portion that hints at how the entire character is pronounced. I wouldn't have gotten that tip from the app itself, so the class was still worthwhile. And since the class also got me more familiar with Chinese characters (literally kanji, but things work differently in Chinese), it made working through the app slightly easier.

Better than spending money on a beast that wants to manage how the world shops, or time on the media arm that wants to manage what the world buys.

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