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Something to consider while shopping

Several reports have come out on the tentacle beast's move to improve its cash flow even further by changing its shipping policies. The platform has had for a while the kind of pull to decide for other companies which of their products it will deal with - it's just come as a surprise to hear how those products were sorted, which has to fit somebody's definition of respectful somewhere. But I suppose I shouldn't be surprised at its willingness to use its influence to decide what crap people don't need. Like water.

It's still possible to deal with the third party vendors rather than using the one shopping platform, though I will admit having one login, dealing with one shipping schedule, and paying once for one set of purchases is convenient. Therefore, when meeting one's needs with other vendors, the increased burden is another reason to consider those needs more carefully and rely on existing resources more often, and to be appreciative of those sites that allow one to shop as a guest rather than requiring new account creation. But it is entertaining to hear about new ways to surprise porch pirates - or is there some new softer term for them I don't know about? Eh. Haven't read it.

When something with that kind of reach builds monsters in its culture, it's long past time to question its direction.

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