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I like mice with cords.

They're powered by the computer they plug into, so there's no need to buy batteries. They're faster for me than a touchpad, where the fingers do double duty on clicking and cursor control. They work best with an open, relaxed hand, which is a pleasant thought to hold onto when other mice generate the strained lines of muscles in a fist and the curve of brows pulling inward and down.

Slow clap to a place so bankrupt of ideas and ideals that it has to siphon off a fan. This isn't an issue that it can brush off with a long-time-no-see mouthpiece and a scripted interview. Reading that the fan artist did his part to contact the originator of the source material, learning that his own time and money went into something he cared about and that was acknowledged by the creators of its related canon (not cannon)? I may prefer phasers to lightsabers, but this is information that ensures the lines of my knees remain unbent.

Cheers to someone who, despite the predatory manner with which his work's been treated, is continuing to devote his resources to something he values.

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