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One less social experiment

Piece of good news - my current go-to study aid just scrapped a tether to a big SM network. Crowns to them for that. (Now for the points, and the tests, and the trees...) With fresh reading material and even a study group I found through here, it's worth wading through forum posts from kids on a snow day (did I mention how much I love my commute?).

I'm considering dropping one of my higher-level languages, though, one of those I enjoy more. It looks like there's going to be a greater need for a lower-level one, which, for all that I enjoy the food and the movies, is drawing more than a wary weather eye. It's gotten to the point where information on this is going to be even more necessary than it was, including the misattributed copy and paste posts (which are about as pleasant as weedkiller in a vegetable garden).

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