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How much did that nonsense cost?

Several years ago, I went to a convention where heavy costumes in midsummer were the norm. Shopping abounded, camera flashes lit up everything and everyone, and people with names I recognized spoke about their work. Two panels with such people in them stuck in my memory for the stark difference between them. The first was lively, considerably louder with laughter and banter and more people. The one immediately after was quieter and far less packed, but with information that was clearer and delivered in a more plainspoken manner. (Kudos to the girl with the balls to walk her business card up to the panelists.)

Cut to the present day, when of all the networks that shriek opinion over news, it's laughable that the one being sued for defamation and that has a team with privilege fact-check faceplant on record claims the role of arbiter against propaganda. (Yes, they're propaganda. So are you.) When the names I recognize are no longer the most trusted, I gladly accept this reminder to seek out the quieter, less-recognizable folk.

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