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It should come as no surprise that I enjoy food. Using sentences with basic construction in a favorite topic makes it easier to train the ear to this new language, improve the pronunciation, and add to its understanding - and so far, I find it worthwhile. I found this piece of educational literature while diving into some practical use exercises (also known as picking up a local paper while eating out). Not something you can find staring at a screen.

No, I can't read it yet. But with some help, I've found a way to practice my halting and hesitant forays into a new language in an environment that understands that these initial efforts will be, how d'you put it, ridiculous.

I'm also including some of the practice sentences from these informal sessions into an upcoming exercise for another course, so whether the influence of those lessons end up with the words "because of" or "despite," my time will be well spent.

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