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Decisions, decisions

Geopolitics (they're still international waters despite the name on the map) and big tech (with that percentage of the market, there's no such thing as oopsie) can take a backseat on the cactus armchair for the time being.

I have several options to consider for an upcoming exercise - a piece I've done before, a second I'm familiar with, and an entirely new song in a language I'm learning from a movie I enjoy despite the yours-aren't-the-only-ships-in-there situation. (...Oopsie.)

Couple of very tempting reasons to choose the third option. First off, it turns out there is a way to sing tones in those lyrics (my mistake). Second, it would be worthwhile practice in reading and pronunciation. However, I ran into an issue with the piece I did before, and it looks like I'm going to have the same issue if I choose to do this one. I think I'm leaning towards Option 2 this go round - that's a review as well, anyway, and more likely to be in my range.

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