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I got into a conversation regarding a not-that-recent TV show that I quite enjoyed, one that featured an actor I tend to associate with more serious roles. I've seen him as several different flavors of Romans and clerics, so to see him go full fabulous on screen was a surprise. As far as I know, this actor doesn't have any new movies or TV shows coming out, but what can I say? This is what comes up in chit-chat around here.

One of the long-running gags through this story is a complicated relationship between his character and the character's mother, a woman rarely seen in the show herself. The character's gay, and (as the show implies) has been in a committed relationship for decades since the beginning of the series. From what I can tell, she knows he's gay. He knows she knows. But they don't talk about the topic at all, except to refer to her disappointment and his resistance in snide banter that ends up in some variant of "I'll call you back," which of course he doesn't. Still, the show's pretty funny.

It isn't really a funny situation at all, though, is it? Neither one talks openly about the matter to the other, ostensibly to keep the peace, but what sort of peace is that? Sure, it provides humor and keeps the story moving forward to a satisfying finale (spoiler alert). Wedding bells ring, mom's at the wedding, mom dies peacefully in the arms of a young Welsh man (or is it Welshman? Yeesh - first vowels, now spaces). And for once, he picks up the phone to call her with something cheerful to share, until he remembers she won't be on the other end.

She's OK with the situation, but he's moved from one unresolved situation into another one, one without any resolution. (End spoiler alert.) It's bittersweet, but while it isn't an entirely happy ending, it's just right for the show.

Now, what else is on?

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