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In the news - it's disrespectful to have someone else choose what a woman does with her own body. Also in the news - it's disrespectful for a woman to choose clothing that doesn't follow some pay to pray party's dress code. Old shade? Certainly is at this point, but that's what I find interesting in the feeds.

Something more recent, though, has a more direct impact on what I'm working on right now. It isn't only English-speakers that are going head to head on geopolitics - hearing anecdotes about the split between mainlanders and other Chinese speakers is one thing, but reading about it on the news makes it quite another. In many things, but especially in a language class, there comes a point where shutting up and listening isn't enough - and as things go, I think I'm going to end up speaking Mandarin with at least one question structure from Taiwan and an end-of-sentence inflection from northeast China. Now to find some linguistic idiosyncrasy from Hong Kong, really stir things up (I've shouted at the rain before, just for kicks).

But that's what I want to take away from my lessons. I have my guess as to what side of the political tracks my teachers are on when it comes to that part of the Pacific (snort). They know that that's beside the point - they teach as well as inform. I've read the country names printed on my birth certificate and my passport, and I've seen some part of what they can be like. Politics aside, these people I'm learning from are an example worth considering - and rainy seasons eventually do let up.

This segment brought to you in part by a pile of news aggregators, who I'm sure have a balanced percentage of varying sources for their articles, right?

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