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I love a parade.

I don't know much about the guy heading it up. According to the larger community, he's outspoken and conservative, and he's accused of intolerance - but hey, the larger community has spoken, and that's all I need to know, right? Except he's gay, and he's leading a bunch of straight guys. Maybe this is an oversimplification, but he's not the one who's intolerant or afraid in this situation. (Also, it's funny.)

Not much of a segue into the next point, apart from political stance. Another outspoken conservative host and his show are getting backlash from the platform he's on due to slurs linked to race and sexual orientation. He and his group have a sense of humor that hasn't graduated past jockstrap, but from what I have seen of his shows, I tend to agree more with the points he makes.

One example of an issue they've discussed - I'm from the Philippines. I may be linked to that country through birth and history, but I'm no longer a citizen of that country - meaning I can't vote there. Unless I get citizenship, I don't get to take part in choosing the people who lead that country or the rules they make. Race and sexual orientation are beside the point. The particular argument between conservative host and gay Latino host isn't a soap opera I follow, but I'm considering these issues under discussion with an understanding that this host and his team are going to sound like a steaming pile of bored gamers every few minutes - and this being the internet, it's a safe bet there's sludge on both sides of the argument.

The argument between these two hosts also resulted in an upsurge against the platform itself and the company that owns it, at least according to the company's news aggregator (so nice to have more than one source for news, isn't it?). I thought that it would be more difficult to say that while I agree with what's happening, I don't agree with the reasons for it, and seeing months' worth of articles that the company's own people are afraid to take a stand because of possible (I'm thinking that's now in the realm of probable and likely) retaliation makes it easier to add that I'm definitely OK with the antitrust scrutiny this company is getting.

Of course, this is speculation and opinion, like wondering whether there's a connection to the company's development of performers that don't have a pore out of place, never miss a mark, never drop a line in any language, and never make an unauthorized spoiler or unapproved political statement, simply because digital images can't be part of anyone's constituency. Though I am looking forward to see whether or not this movement can lead to change that overrules stockholders with B shares.

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