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I like umbrellas.

I recognize in this culture one that's had an effect on my birthplace. (I doubt steamed buns for lunch and a tradition of birthday noodles for long life started anywhere else.) I recognize one that's come up with really good food ideas. (One utensil that has a large area for searing meats and enough depth to boil soup, and more functions besides? Too bad it doesn't work on western cooktops, not without the right attachment.) I even saw a parallel to Shakespeare in one teacher's example of a restaurant welcome. (Not being a theater kid, just a fangirl.)

I see a reflection of old-film glamor in the historical film I watch most often, the kind that was based on an old play and just might be censored at this point.

More frequently, though, I'm also recognizing a pattern of drunkenness in things as petty as bad tourists to things as outright malicious as ridiculously irresponsible seamanship.

I don't want to associate this behavior with these teachers I've met, but they're from the same people. So when I say 我认识你们,that's nowhere near as pleasant as it once was.

The topic I proposed to the head of my study group will come in handy, come what may.

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