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I got curious about Marcus Aurelius, so I read Meditations. My mother doesn't like reading (addendum: unless it's on her social media feed), but she understands Meditations better than I do - not because she knows who this dead guy is, or has ever read his work.

She and I watch and listen to different news outlets (the difference in reading is a given). She and I use different forms of entertainment, use social media differently, vote and exercise and believe differently, but I trust her judgment better than I would any talking head flickering on a wall. (Addendum: well, screen - it isn't mounted.) Why should I expect her to apologize when she's right, and should she expect that from me when I'm right? (Addendum: apart from the mother thing.)

So the more I see trusted names get their veritas twisted around sophomoric language, the more invested I get in the effort to seek alternatives.

On that note, Seneca's next - thank you, alternate news aggregator.

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