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How can the adults in the room refer to themselves as such while catering to the basest of hallway pack behavior stereotypes? How about I offer a couple of things that reflects the target demographic? Warning - these are from people who would be easiest to refer to as dead white guys, so these suggestions could possibly be triggering.

First of all, something light from a dead comedian - "****, ****, ****, ****, **********, ************, ****."

And last (because TL;DR) something from a demon at a dinner (or if the mere suggestion of these things is offensive, a satire by a dead religious author) - "Even if they don't read Aristotle (that would be undemocratic) you would have thought the French Revolution would have taught them that the behaviour aristocrats naturally like is not the behaviour that preserves aristocracy. They might then have applied the same principle to all forms of government."

These are people who no longer have any stake in events of the present day, but whose words nevertheless have a more than tenuous application to these events. Maybe if the pack were more receptive to those of their own who pointed out their shortcomings, it wouldn't take a noisy outsider with no incentive to consider whether or not any resulting humiliation is deserved. But go ahead and keep those eyes on selfies, and celebrate how fashionable those photographs are (like! subscribe! comment!) while talking about not caring what other people think.

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