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On symbols

There shouldn't be this much of a problem with wanting to honor something publicly, but it seems that symbols make much of cloth and footwear that will more than likely never see any function beyond defining an ideological wall.

Thanks for helping me save cash, delivery guy - it brought currency portraits to my attention. Why do certain historical figures have their heads on both bills and coins? I can't be the first person to consider that one of those could be used for another person.

Maybe it's because these currency denominations are among those most frequently used (though I wonder about little red), they're the two most basic units, and the symbolism is linked to people who represent the ideas on which something larger is founded. The next question is, what is that "something larger" turning into?

Once again, my favorite dead comedian's got a point. Whether or not any contested symbols see physical use, might as well enjoy the day.

Also -

Manglalaban (one who defends) = 律师

Mananambal (one who applies medicine) = 医生

There. Found them.

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