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There's a difference between watching films and TV and listening to native speakers. Replaying certain segments on a fictional presentation can make clearer certain parts of dialogue one's missed the first time around. That isn't something one can do with two people talking off the cuff - asking them to repeat or translate that sort of conversation isn't the same as hitting rewind. In a case like this, one might luck out with someone who understands the effort a non-native speaker is making, or one might end up with a person who reacts to my 汉字 the way I do to mispronounced recipe instructions.

Meanwhile, since watching a conversation bounce rapidly between two speakers is dizzying enough in a language I do understand, my eyes crossed long enough for me to wonder whether there was a 认识 in there or not. (Turns out these speakers spent time overseas in the same place, so yes, there was.)

Keeping up with different levels of speakers is overwhelming, but this particular setup might be an interesting addition. It is, however, going to be somewhat difficult considering what I have to do for it, as well as what I have to give up, but the numbers are better this way - so this is what I choose. Period.

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