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Change the script already.

It's an argument for the preservation of local news outlets when their headlines and language are less inflammatory and biased than the more widely dispersed ones. Is it really that much of a challenge to get eyeballs on these shows and articles that they sound more sophomoric than smaller broadcasters? It makes me consider that there's more truth in the claims of downturns in big networks' ratings and credibility than I first thought.

When the values of society support the problems that are destroying that society, it raises the question of how worthwhile its sanctions are. So yeah. Keep supporting one-day shipping (ignore the struggling and shuttered transportation companies and all that packing material that ends up not being recycled), fast fashion (look like someone else until they - not you - decide to switch things around), and the kind of sensitivity that hampers language and judgment because you're comparing the fella in the top seat to the one you regret not electing. If that's what is deemed enviable, then I'm more convinced of my position on whatever side isn't... that.

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