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Watching the show

And by that I mean the sort to which I've got a front-row seat (a la dead comedian), not the sort on screen. When I can't even be certain about keeping my old books unless they're in dead tree form, it's probably for the best.

Observing what's going on around me is about as interesting as that which appears on a device. It allows me to find the laudable in those who gasp over chess strategy like it's the plot of a soap opera, as well as the laughable in those who parrot jingles and mess with other people's food. (Seriously, go back to eating soap - at least that way, only one person ends up in the hospital.)

It's another reason to keep puzzling through new languages, if only to find out another set of answers to present-day questions. There has to be more beyond beautifully recycled storylines from those who consider sobriety a trendy new experiment, even if it's a pile of recycled storylines in unfamiliar forms. (Edited to add - because it's the only recycling they can manage over there.) Maybe this reading material will provide solutions that aren't along the lines of melamine additives and artificial isles. (你 好, 你 间 怎么样?)

But that doesn't mean I won't keep a weather eye on what's on (like episodes out of chronological order or reruns in certain timeslots on weekdays versus weekends). It just means I'm getting better at what not to follow.

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