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How could I have missed Cat Day?

If you're looking for blind devotion from a critter that won't give a person stretchmarks, then look elsewhere. Cats aren't an animal associated with acquiescing to demands for its company while you rewatch movies that were new when you believed in magic tricks. Neither are they commonly known for a tendency to stare longingly at you while you figure out what trendy buzzwords to use in that article you're hammering out.

These are animals who are far better than humans at not caring about lowly human things. Pink and beards and race-baiting (and those related oh-so-tempting-but-trends-suck lawsuits) is for people who want to join the bandwagon. But if it takes viciousness to point out just what a skit someone's being, then isn't that something you could stand to learn from cats?

(Edit: Silly me - skit's both incorrect and unsubtle. Perhaps Dräckssau instead.)

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