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Calling an Opinion an Analysis Doesn't Change the Con.

Let's not forget the laziness of researchers allowing their interviewer to accuse a black man of white privilege, the wrongness of celebrating a man long after people had the chance to vote for him, and the can's part in the dissemination of information that makes an idea ugly in the eyes of the world.

From the information I read on the aggregator I most frequently use and the videos on the platform I most frequently access, I look at the example of housing. There are two specific instances that come to mind - one with a builder of tiny homes and another with a proposal to build an apartment on land he already owns. Is there any truth to the allegations that their efforts to ease housing problems have been slowed or blocked altogether? How frequently has this news been covered on networks other than talk radio? And whose brilliant idea was it to make difficulties for the people who have the industriousness and resources to do the right thing, and who offered to do so before ubiquitous-useful-evil decided to do something about the employees sleeping in their parking lot? If you live around there, have a chance to look around town, maybe catch the local news, you might have a better idea than I do.

This is the pattern I see for the stories they cover and the people and policies they support, and the reason why I stopped relying on one source for news. If this is what they call a better idea, what has their dealer added to the mix?

Hey, not-so-trusted, thanks for proving my point on broadcast timeslots - now go screech at a hat. The next time voting season comes around, consider how many media types have gotten the top seat in the White House before ticking that box, if there's such a problem with the current one. And before talking about haters on the opposite side of the chasm, look at the people closer by who do more damage than bullets. Or maybe try a mirror.

By the way, if anyone's thinking of relocating from the west coast, check out the walkway between the Orange and Red if you're feeling homesick.

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