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When you realize you're old

You're conscious of your fall from race baiting to ad hominem. (And to a competing network in your ratings.) You move on from rehashing the same hackneyed insults and examine your own side with the same questions you'd apply to your opponents. (The effects of stale smoke and beer last well past a shower, in case you misplaced that ear trumpet.) And maybe, just maybe, you consider that your coverage as it is ought to be put to pasture, because it's just not selling anymore.* (If a company's new donation program sends unsold products to the needy, does that mean refusing to buy that company's products is a philanthropic act?)

Congratulations on seeing the sign and having read it, and on having the stomach to be part of that discordant cesspool.* Maybe those prescriptions are working after all.

*Edited to change who I offend.

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