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Beast at Dead Comedian Junction

From its seemingly innocuous beginning in books to its current state, with tentacles in media, meals, and medicine - it's unavoidable, and it's getting worse. (How's that foray into telecom going?)

I don't have to repeat the destructive consequences its growth has already had on small and large businesses, or point out the recent findings of yet more harmful products marketed on its platform. If it's true that its workers are being (to put it gently) required to make decisions that are not only against their own health, but against the law, then I question why such a company, however useful, is permitted so much control over so many aspects of modern life. The culture within the bowels of the beast may not be the one it aspires to create, but that's what it is creating, and no amount of PR is going to change that.

But hey, if the beast is going for an east-west parallel of making life difficult for its own people as well as its neighbors, that's shaping up something super. Just not heroic.

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