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Movies are entertainment

And the news seems more and more like theater. Let's see if I can't mix the two.

When an institution acknowledges its part in tearing things apart, it does not then get to blame those who point out the problem for what that institution itself has done. And considering what I've seen of the thanks the people who point things out tend to get, who then has more right to be angry? With its once-vaunted influence slipping (if not entirely away) due to political, economic, and technological changes, such an institution would be best served by examining a mirror if it seeks to find fault.

Also, if it suits the stamp their little feet demand to see movies in theaters, home theaters are a thing, given the right projector. If it's 60 USD for a night at the movies, a projector of reasonable quality (I will admit the tentacle beast is useful for research, as is the work of techier-than-I folk who I found through not-the-evil-one) would cost the same as 20 nights at the movies. (These are 2014 numbers, and the estimate was based on tickets and snacks for four.) Addendum: A dedicated media room isn't even necessary, if a living room has a big enough blank space on the wall. As an added benefit, it can double as a second screen for a laptop, and having access to movies at home reduces the need to travel around that boulder on the sidewalk.

I like herbed roast chicken with my reruns. Addendum: and capers.

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