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You imagine the worst, that's all you show

Which makes it all the more important to look for views from opposing sides of an issue - vaping, in this case. Disclaimer: the only reason I use a vape shop is as a landmark as I drive past, so that chemical stew of bad decisions and dubious selling tactics I leave to someone else.

A national source mentions that there's no one substance linked to vaping injuries, while another local source includes an interview with someone more knowledgeable about the ingredients, one who mentioned that injuries are linked to illicit lipid-based* vaping products. (To be fair, that person has an interest in keeping a vape shop alive, considering it's a livelihood as well.)

So gasp, hack, scary X-rays, ban, ban, ban! Nothing worthwhile here - never mind the people who suffered through years of mistreating their own bodies finding something that could mitigate the inhalation of that mess, or the people whose food and lodging depend on the earnings from sales of legitimate forms of self-intoxication. (But it's only four months, you say. Too bad expiration dates are a thing.)

Breathing in poison makes about as much sense to me as blathering about pens while your country is burning, so I'm glad I don't have to deal with this issue directly. Would've helped if those who do have to deal with the issue hadn't started to begin with, but if choices repeated led to something you can't stop and no amount of effort will ever heal the scarring you caused, and you want to stop a kid from ever starting, try this - take her to a party, stuff her full of roast pork and rice with a bit of spiced coconut vinegar and liver sauce (fine, maybe a few scallions and lemongrass for greens), then offer her a cigarette and watch her vomit. A moment of pain, and one more person escapes being misused by some marketing bull.

*11/9/09 - If an article I just read is to be believed, it sounds like the material is Vitamin E acetate. Vitamin E is one of four - A, D, E, K - that are soluble in lipids.

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