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One more reason I'm not a sports fan.

In a place known for die-hard loyalty to its teams, I'm an aberration. It's a relief to see that the drunken nonsense that surrounds big events has seemed to lessen over the years, but I find that, when it does occur, it's a blight on whatever could be enjoyable about these events in particular and sports in general.

But the recent reaction to one speaker's support of Hong Kong bothers me. I don't speak for any organization, and no organization speaks for me - which has its disadvantages, of course, but a certain freedom as well. What surprises me, though, is that such censorship of that speaker is from a sports organization. Is it so financially beholden to sponsors outside the country that an individual within it (the organization and the country itself) can no longer speak that freely?

To those who are drunk off the benefits from decades of careless shopping decisions (mine included), who refuse to give up developing nation status and now demand deference to Communism, I say there are other countries that produce green tea, the US produces shiitake mushrooms, rice, and (of course) soy products, and to make it easier for the shops over here, I'll make sure to check their policies the next time I visit for product returns.

Funny how the more you hit something, the louder it shouts.

Oh, and there's a difference between filling an empty post with willing ministers and dealing with the mindset that going to mass regularly and dancing with a doll in January is enough to fix deeper issues.

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