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On knitting

This photo contains three items: a scarf, a hat, and one of two fingerless gloves. These were made on a handcrafted (not by me - tried that, and didn't like the result) knitting loom with the tutelage of a video from a Spain-Spanish channel. For the curious, last I saw, that channel has an upload on their stance on the goings-on in their country, a rare non-knitting video which was uploaded during a past instance of protests. However, I visit that channel for their straightforward (and dialogue-less) knitting loom demonstrations, the majority of which have two versions, one captioned in English and the other in Spanish.

I specified a handcrafted loom because the mass-produced ones aren't made here. I focused on these three knitted items because, apart from their utility in the current and upcoming seasons, they're small enough projects to practice with and three potentially fewer items to source from overseas suppliers, whether one speaks of the finished products or the materials used to make them. And I used pink because any mistakes I make will happen on the color I like least.

When one speaks of suffering consequences in connection with the sports issue from earlier, does one mean through official channels, or through channels who, though they don't have explicit orders from higher up, nevertheless have tacit permission to do what will support the same cause?

And when speaking of double standards, does one mean holding different standards for countries whose current effect on their contemporaries are more far reaching and deeply embedded? With the world as connected as it is now, it's inaccurate to say that any one country has no effect on another, but so far, I see only one on the world stage whose entertainment industry (pop stars and movie makers - congratulations on that award, by the way), financial industry (debts and credits and international loans - when did you buy that island?), tech sector (hardware and software - backdoors, anyone?), and very language (非,路,宾,非鲁宾 - why's it still there, 微软?) are gearing up for offense, so I'm not inclined to be sympathetic when it's inclined to take offense. I am, however, inclined to be on my guard when, once a criminal is transferred in order to face punishment, the government regulation that enables that transfer is later used for those who dare to disagree, even bloodlessly, with a government that has an established history of playing the long game. (Addendum: industries here already have their protesters, which I find invalidates the claim of double standards and reduces my need to focus on them - because, surprise, if it's wrong over here, it's wrong over there too.)

People in other countries around the world have been protesting against their governments with or without Hong Kong's influence. From where I sit, whether or not they're learning tactics from protesters in Hong Kong has less to do with the reasons for their own protests and more to do with raising their effectiveness (I feel compelled to say that, though violence is sorely tempting, it helps to channel it elsewhere*). I can't compare the revolutions in another country to the response of a government whose policies towards its citizens and neighbors share a common motive (mutual means on an even level, not a hierarchical one; respect is earned, not forced; and deference to communism is a solid nope for me).

All of that's a digression, so back to the point. Knitting looms aren't the only method of channeling an urge into a creative** act. I just find this method easier to work with, though the needle method is far more portable and infinitely fascinating to watch on the subway.

*10/22 - Like a script. Screenplay and Java can do some bloodless damage and has been known to net some cash here and there.

**10/22 - Perhaps a better term would be constructive.

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