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Deal with it.

Learning about World War II isn't a happy thing, but it sure beats living through it, and it keeps in mind the reasons not to repeat what started that bloody mess in the first place. Appeasement, for a start, of a state whose motives have nothing to do with cooperation, but with conquest. For one thing, an intercontinental charm offensive would be a lot more convincing without an international naval offensive. (And some more geographical vocabulary before I forget - I think I already did 越南,but I'm not sure I did 蒙古国 or 布拉格。非鲁宾's still there, 微软。)

In more contemporary news, there's been coverage on low-quality weapons in that state's much-vaunted military, but for a state whose representatives are willing to cheat in a peaceful international competition, with the backing of its citizens no less, the weapons aren't the problem, only the tools the state uses. (Addendum: silly of me not to read more closely - whether they use state-produced weapons for themselves or merely sell them to other countries and buy more effective products for their troops, I hold to the point that these weapons are tools of the state.)

By the way, didn't another historically repressive state also host the Olympics during those pre-war years? And I know my own history well enough that my birth country later hosted the games under the rule of a much-maligned dictator.

If there's a problem out there, find a solution, or find someone who's been through it and can suggest one (my dead grandfather's stronger than this mess, rest his soul). Joint pain? A brace around the affected joint at all times except bath times, a hot pad, and increased movement. Weight gain? Increased veg intake, lowered total intake (pff), and increased movement. Fear? Blogging about this mess and facing people afterwards.

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