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Not trending.

There are two men in recent history who considered a run for the top seat, both of whose experience in politics and the military I found to be comparable. One chose to run for office. The other chose not to. I don't know the stance the second man took on the issues that were front and center while he was considering that run, and I'm not certain whether he's counted as African American. I do like to think that a decision like that isn't something I'd base on mere fashion.

Also not trending, I still don't support communism. While many of the problems I rail at are something I see as a result of capitalism out of control, I prefer a system that allows the development of alternatives to the beast* and the behemoth, of platforms that allow the sale of knitting looms and allow the option to choose not to use these larger platforms.

(Side note - whether or not that reusable code really was an error or a method to promote the sickening beast through the mindset of "he can afford it, so let's put one over on him," there's no denying all the packing material mess that that incident generated.)

Thanks for the reminder that I've still got a framework, such as it is, on which to make my decisions.

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