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What next, baby dolls?

Here's another argument for preserving local networks instead of relying so completely on national ones - an hours-old* article shows one version of a cat's escape (an article originally from the same national source), but a newer version* from the nation-wide network adds another layer of anthropomorphism, assuming that whatever a human thinks a cat's meant to be loyal to deserved a continuation of that loyalty in the first place.

Cats and dogs are not children - they're animals.

* Though I think I should apologize for neglecting a couple of things - first of all, that the timing is from when this post went up; second, that something as banal as this gets a post when more evil comes to light around medical information that's been collected without people's knowledge; and third, that I ought to thank the beast for making me feel a bit more at home - didn't know one could ease homesickness through the purchase of a politician.

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