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Comatose? How about smothered?

Enforced tours on the Spanish language section of social media are a reality made navigable only through trial and error and a distant history of Spanish and Latin classes (including past pater nosters). The necessity of air travel is a reality insurmountable by the criticism of those who admire folk with the luxury of time and access to non-polluting forms of long distance travel, but who choose private air travel despite that. But maybe it's just more fashionable to group those with dissenting views among those who reject time-honored science backed by modern-day observation, never mind that the dissenters' education, livelihood, and selves reject such discredited views.

If one seeks to create a glass house out of others' homes through technological means, then perhaps one ought to be more conscious of one's effects on the inhabitants before one faces the monsters one creates in the form of antitrust legislation or journalism reviews (whoops, too late). Because whether these articles are promoted through the actions of an algorithm or a human, to me, it's the language in headlines, quoted or otherwise, that demonstrate a network's leanings, not the opinions of the contributors it chooses to allow.

I should, however, thank the behemoth for another reason to look at news sources that originate outside one's borders, and consider it would be better for folk to get back to that fashionable new dopamine fast.

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