Rebuilding a library

I'm looking forward to new(ish) books that don't require a tether. One in particular covers the history of a nation's foods, written by a man whose education and experience earned him a wartime position in which he controlled the food of a nation. The decisions he made resulted in - if I remember correctly - the healthiest generation of his people.

Aside from being just plain eager to read something new, I'm also comparing the situation in that book to the results of decisions made by leaders in the present day. Emptying the shelves of a grocery store, and not because of the quality of the ingredients or because people shop till they empty (wallets, shelves, pick one), isn't an auspicious background for yet more experiments in how else to control food supply.

That's not counting other decisions which are shown by other tentacles. Digital entry points for counterfeit and dangerous goods and home intruders, choosing to play spaceman long before making a belated token effort at addressing the waste an organization generates, elimination of competition to the point where they're addressed in courts and election campaigns - such news comes up as well in my considerations.

So reading about the TB's news arm, an established name in news before its acquisition, succumbing to the urge to go full tabloid is frankly less affecting than I thought it would be. As bad as prostitution is, it's also been covered to the point that the singer of a satire on the topic has been dead for over a decade, and I won't question the choice to prioritize drugs over prostitution. (Much.)

I'm surprised that I'd consider feeling sorry for a Number 2. But setting that aside, no matter which way I decide to vote, there are options on either side of the aisle that regard such organizations, built on the decisions of their leaders, worth showing the door.

(And thanks, news aggregator, for recommending two articles on the topic, whatever reasoning went into the decision to do so.)

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