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Which recommendation do I address first?

There are a few things to be thankful for today, and since I'm spoilt for choice on which to prioritize, I'll go alphabetically.

Food - an addiction that's still a pleasure, and becoming healthier.

Reduced joint pain - look, no opiates.

Sleep - a peaceful time whose benefits are best enjoyed while one's alive.

Tree books - information and entertainment unsullied by the half an eye on the WiFi and the other half on the battery meter.

In this glittering time, maybe the most glittering especially given the recent events (congratulations on the win) I convey to whosoever chooses to read - enjoy whatever trend brings some form of ease this season.

Now, which rerun gets the roast chicken this go round - the fragile-boned fella with the wheelchair and the cameras, or the yet-another-remake with ghosts that make a man face what he's done? Answer: neither. Turkey.

(There. Fixed it.)

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