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Oh, look, more fruit.

I'd like to ask a question about apples and oranges. If one seller sells apples, and another sells oranges, which seller is going to get the customer who needs to buy oranges?

This situation presents a reason to examine other sources rather than just the one whose opinions outshine the news that's meant to be its middle name. One company has a better pure-cloud product, while the other has a better hybrid product. The customer needed a hybrid. If that's a fact that the customer-obsessed number 2 in this race needs to face, then maybe face that instead of complaining about the orange guy who doesn't like you. (And maybe deal with the customers who don't like you, and the employees who don't like you, and the regulators and political candidates who don't like you...)

Granted, the information about hybrid versus pure cloud is from an opinion piece as well, but if this information is true, and the decision to stay with a purchase from one company over another holds, I think I'll stick with this side of the rebellion, thanks.

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