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A quick note to keep an eye on the current situation and double-check language maintenance. There was mention on the radio of the underdog being in more trouble than enthusiastic and supportive news coverage might show, and the French in this article shows it. (The social media post, not the food, and it's best not to wait for anyone but oneself to prove that post wrong.)

(Also, want food.)

Aww, the adult in the room safeguards the mind of a child even though the child watches what's going on - I've only got a smattering of German and even less Italian, but this bit of entertainment makes for a good reason to add to it. (Did that sound like commentary for a bit there?) It'll take years in movie time for the kid to understand exactly what went on, but it's a laugh to think the worst he'd face is not being able to keep the tank.

This after-dinner movie moment ending with new shoots because though it's difficult to keep one's mind away from splodey things and those who seek a new trial after framing more than their own, it can be done.

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