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8/12 (2.)

Found this on a binge - it's a piece of the inner filter (if that's what one calls it) from a dragon-phoenix pot (龙的parted) and a bit of... that's dried jasmine, I think. Kept it as a reminder of a post way back in this pile that shows how this photo started.

And since this little tea package is unlikely to be accepted at any 使馆 at which 这个老豺狼 may be, I thought this might be a way to likewise 'blast' the sentiment right back at him.

A blast for the military incursions in the region. A blast for the territorial lines crossed in the region. A blast for the financial instability in the region.

Also, since it's still there, 微软, a blast for the disrespect 掠夺者's shown while demanding deference for itself.

中国 的 豺狼 政权 遭到 应有的回击.

Adding this for progress!

Adding these two for the ongoing oof. Publications following in its footsteps might want to reconsider. (Then again... stay the course, 15% of 41!)

Ending with these for the yum.

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