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8/19 (9. 2.)

Quite chuffed to finally get some edible harvest! Doing this again next year, and with seed saved from these fruits, see how I can play with the growth on the resulting plants.

Adding ^ because, aside from study material and construction projects (nothing to do with tofu, or I'd have mentioned cooking) and (speaking of tofu projects) channels I've linked to, I wonder how the clowns in the algorithm assumed these conclusions.

Adding V to link to related stories on storm response; and while I appreciate the cute stuff, the alphabet soup is study material in the same vein as astrology. (I'm sorry if that's all your mother taught you.)

Quick question on the mad monster that the mid movie supports - what do Tibetans call their own country?

Adding this for vocab 巴拉圭.

Adding this to answer the question - salami slicing and passive aggression (still there, 微软) is aggression, ill-fitting the claim of 'pure defense,' shill; and looking at events more contemporary than those 2,200 years in your vaunted past, aren't near-miss tactics, verbal two-facedness based on who you think you can intimidate, and outright physical assault examples of real-not-rhetorical 'threat to global stability' aggression for almost a decade now?

You have plenty to fear, not just from your most outspoken opponent, but from your own representatives, who expose how little you respect any sovereignty not yours (still there, 微软); and from your own people, who suffer from your policies and from whom you hide what you do. (I have to thank my feed, shill - I don't even have to look outside your publication for widespread abuses to your own legal system. "挑起纠纷" 吗? "挑起事端" 吗? Or do you just use the"挑起" bit to avoid the nuance in the "纠纷" versus "事端?")

Your voices, your words, your actions; and I say 'you,' shill, because I see you're part of a government that decided on impatience which, along with 'no definitive answers,' affects how little the world trusts you.

(Which means I made a mistake using the term "shill." You don't just write to promote the monster - as part of that government, you have an active hand in creating the policies that threaten the people around you.)

Adding the following because - what mystery? The millstone admitted to misdeeds by choosing a Guilty plea because he expected immunity to protect him from the resulting consequences; now that the immunity's off the table, he has the audacity to claim a Not Guilty plea.

He either did what he's charged with or he didn't; and his first plea of 'lololol yeah, totally (powder snort) did it, and the law can't do jack about it' is genuine. (And bye-bye lawyer's a bad look - correction, the term is 'bad optics.' Oh, now it's plural.) I will, however, acknowledge the media attempts to make him relatable (sad that y'all wanna relate to a drug-addicted misogynist) with a snippet I caught from a 15% or other compiler - 'hE's NoT lYINg, JuSt DoInG wHaT hE hAs To To LiVe HiS bEsT lIFe.'

Adding this for vocab 日本, 대 한 민 국, and despite the Big Guy, 美国; and this for vocab 澳洲.

Ending with this because I can taste the rain.

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