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8/23 (13. 6.)

This batch probably started sprouting around 3 or 4, and I'm thinking about leaving the first batch as it is for seeds, barring one for a snack.

You doubled down on doing the wrong thing, and now you're lying about it because despite all your achievements, you're too abominably insecure to consider that you're wrong. (Or maybe 'despite' is the wrong word, because the nature of the lies would diminish those same achievements.) Meanwhile, people are losing their homes, to financial crises if not to heavy storms, if they're lucky to have physically survived both.

And even if they have - that well thing is a cultural note for me, but an expression of despair throughout the history, folklore, and entertainment of a lot that's part delusional enough to expect to be an object of jealousy and part dealing with the problems the deluded ones set upon them. That bit of recent history is especially informative, and not just for the insight into more distant history; yeesh, you lot covered up the more contemporary rates in that article as well, and for the same reason as the youth unemployment rates from mere days ago - "'I would not write about it,' said one woman who is a reporter for a national news organization. 'It would make China look bad.'''

I may feel sorry for your current circumstances, but I stopped admiring you years ago, and I don't want to be like you. Thank you for solidifying my identity by exemplifying the opposite.

And for yet another example of the opposite - apologies for the frequent changes, as I'm trying to figure out the best way to ask whether this is best described as pathologically blatant, senilely forgetful, or just plain delulu - "Hegemony Or Territorial Expansion Simply Not In Our DNA."

Adding this to laugh at the clones.

Adding these three links to propose a name change to 彸国, 伀国, or 塚国. (Still there, 微软.)

Adding these three links for the mass mailer. Adding these too to disagree - I keep this Lotus in my head for fun.

Adding a reminder that this killer's still around - "be kind" doesn't fit for someone still trying to avoid consequences around a person's death.

Adding this because I wonder if one of these possible ways is how the recipe got here... got dairy in two, so routes just went up from one standard to two possible.

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