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I find myself looking forward to a new discovery.

Adding this because I wonder where incentives such as this for reshoring companies comes into the timeline of companies leaving a 豺狼政权 - did these companies start feeling the pinch from a 国 that abuses its national power to suppress enterprises before or after the carrot-stick to encourage corporate repatriation took place? (To clarify, were those companies already on their way out before legislation made the leaving easier?) I also wonder what other countries have done similarly - the first that come to mind involve 车辆, and I'm wondering if there are other initiatives elsewhere.

Adding this for a breath - just a breath, mind; have I mentioned that I thought a 姐姐 with more recent experience would be more of an incentive in 豺狼 training than might be the case? In any case, one does not underestimate a 敌人, despite the ineffectiveness they've shown for their own 国人.

While I'm at it, adding a reading exercise. Running into a 汉字 my dictionary doesn't show, though.

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