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Finding the need for more knotwork, and glad to see such a need increase.

I'm looking at others' analyses of 豺狼 政权 的 经济, made with what information they can find (and they're both more able to access such information and motivated to look by reasons other than the political), and noting that you outright said that you're concealing economic data. An economic plan from such a 豺狼 政权 sounds like a smallpox blanket idea. (Overly dour? More fitting comparison than, say, getting an economic plan from them is like getting a scarf from a nudist, but hey, whatever soothes one into thinking the jackalocracy isn't the predator it shows itself to be.)

(Adding an analysis of tech literacy - I thought that was important to 豺狼 政权 的 经济, turns out you actually just want to do the "eyes and hands" bit - that ties in with citizenship, the Dutch, and making the Pakled comparison more apt.)

And noting, Jorge, that you speak for people who only recently had political inconveniences disposed of (oh - aLlEgEdLy) and for people who lie to no one's benefit (at this point, not even to their own); and you still have the audacity to say "blessed are the peacemakers." For years it's been looking like that isn't them (likely for longer than I myself have been looking) and, whether in complicit silence or in autocrat apologetics, sounding like it's not you either.

How can one observe these circumstances, yet continue to act as Jorge does and refer to that as being in "good faith?" Or is he seeing himself in the mouth of the jackal and hoping that appeasing it means it won't bite down any harder than it's already doing? "Let's just say it's underway" doesn't sound like it's going so well for people such as this one. (To start.) Jorge may have given up, but it doesn't mean others have to.

I'm glad to read articles such as - I think this was the first one I read on the issue - and have additional coverage on that same issue that shows or at least implies an overplayed hand. If that which endangers minds in the loss of them to another's influence or endangers bodies in the loss of lives for dissent against that influence is by this rebuke somehow changed, then so much the better.

(If something has snapped the 政权 out of it, it's more likely the really shouty echoes of pissed off starving people that took their historical dynasties down rather than the utter distrust from their neighbors. ...Then again, maybe it's my mistake of assuming a motivation more noble than a 豺狼 not wanting to look embarrassingly murderously inept on a global stage, the trust of whose members is of little value to them outside the immediately monetary.)

I do know, however, that if such a change happens in that jackalocracy, Jorge, it won't be due to you; and you'll have to live with that change being too little for any policies on sinicizing religion that continue under any possible new head of state, and too late for those who have gone before. This apostate will be glad of such a change nevertheless.

Adding this because one down, Big Guy.

Penultimate this because if such a group is known to fight for lost causes: 1) you'd better hope you're not the cause they're fighting for, or 2) you better hope you're not a lost cause. (How'd that Romulan-Vulcan thing go?) But if that's how the writers want to craft that world, that's on y'all's psyche.

Ending with this for the looping.

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