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Ah, screw it, I harvested the sili thing. The rest can stay on the plant till the weather turns. Soup's in the forecast.

I was able to send a message earlier, but not with attachments (fun times - their loss) to tie to a recent trip to this article, so I put up a couple of links instead showing that despite the continuous line of For Lease signs, the area I visited was a bit cleaner than I thought it would be; though, to put things politely, I find myself reluctant to credit Finger-The-Mirror with that achievement.

Among the collection of ads referring to the area was another which had an admin warning (can't miss it, it's even in the URL), but I wonder how effective such a campaign can be when the ad for a company facing a strike is directly referencing a place that has to beg when there's nothing left to steal.

I'm glad he's not running for president. I don't believe politicians either.

Noting that if the dupes at the trough can't come up with something as entertaining or as educational as an AI text generator or social media archive can now do more inexpensively, more prolifically, and in cases better than their human counterparts have already put out (the number of which cases I expect to increase as tech inevitably develops), then the equally inevitable replacement of such chaff is deservedly bitter medicine and to the benefit of those who remain.

Ooh - speaking of educational, found another bit of research connected to the one that became what was Error 503 - it's back now, yay! (Not yea.) Reminder that this is here to counter 脱空汉 熊弟; and if 姐姐 has seen what "just and equitable" mean, one can expect the same pattern applied to others in the sphere of the jackal. (...Apologies to actual jackals.)

Adding this as well because as much as no one wants war, I'm not the first to note the pattern of delay tactics (in trade agreements, specifically grain if memory serves) and doubletalk (in "win-win" percentages) and am likewise incredulous at talk shifting from wolf warrior belligerence (heh - some swan) to pacifism.

Adding these two as a reminder whenever any C-drama, much as I enjoy some of it (finally found both reminders!) drips into the feed. Also, speaking more of educational, thanks to this bit of entertainment for a bit of clarification on the listening exercise here:

  • 如果 战争 来临, 请 政府 放心; (子药?) ?? 枪 真 ?? 敌人 一个个 跑 不了

  • ru2guo3 zhan4sheng1 lai2lin2, qing2 zheng4fu3 fang4xin1; (zi3yao4?) ?? qiang1 zhen1 ?? di2ren2 yi1ge4ge4 pao2 bu4liao

Ending with this new-to-me thing to consider - handy even for those with temporary injuries. (Heh. Handy.)

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