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That's three pot-to-table ingredients in the soup. The only reason the count isn't four is that I'm not sure where aquaculture would fit around here. Boo-yah, nevertheless. I'm wondering if the heat is so faint because of the early harvest, though.

Noting this because the youngest is a student in a fast-food joint, a situation so typical as to be unremarkable. It also contrasts this to the level of yikes. (Yeah. Took me that long to feel the impact.) Also, the second fell for a scam involving unfinished apartments. (Yikes. I wonder if the entities who built her building are the same as the ones tanking now?)

I'll be surprised if there's actually something to the passing consideration of a 豺狼 政权 minding more than usual its perception among those it doesn't respect (a search for one woman brought up another, how handy) with the ejection of at least 三个 豺狼 小匹夫; at (the absolute) least on that real estate note, I wouldn't put past a 豺狼 政权 the willingness to take a hit if their ideological opposites took one as well, as the linked examples ^<< that-away show. (Similar to the effect of using an argument that, say, touches on one's capacity for a single language among several while it cripples an entire industry for those who can barely handle mono.)

Speaking of languages, thanks to the feed for vocab enrichment! 你们 哪个 悍妇? (I like rhymes. And does 三个汉妇 make sense or does it have to be 三个汉妇人? Though to be accurate, it's 两个妇人 and 一个 I could use yet another vulgarity synonymous to the one I just learned, but have a reminder instead of what's still there, 微软.)

Adding these articles because if the woman I'm looking for is so difficult to find (yeesh, finally! I like rhymes, did I mention?) the other examples I do find along the way go up as well. If my linking them helps a person who's been trafficked, great; if it exposes traffickers, then so much the better.

Adding this as well because A) reminder and B) hah, finally!

Penultimate the following because what was the story about the b who cried wolf? Did that often enough without a wolf that the villagers stopped listening even when there was one? Or is there no proverbial wolf this time either? Does the party want to discuss the situation? (And where do I want to visit next?)

Ending with this because I remember a couple of shows on TV (and a woman who owned a similar setup to the founder mentioned here) showing a conflict regarding people per room; this looks like an ordinary house that's been reformatted to accommodate capsules. (How many people to how many bathrooms???) What's changed in the regs since that would allow this to happen, and can this format be used in other applications?

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