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I'm counting on that breeze working the sails, though there's some dramatic growth on several other greens even now. Huh - could the breeze do the same thing for the cuttings in water that it does for the seedlings in the trays, or is the thigmotropic effect limited to leaf nodes that contact soil? And I wonder if I asked that question the last time I visited that research abstract. Testing a bit of soil in the cutting jar.

Wondering if this clip accurately portrays this location, or if the tourist video and the fictional work are portraying different parts of 慈宁宫. I'd say the tourist video is accurate - it looks like it was recorded from a point at the left-hand side of the photo, showing that the building was under restoration at the time.

Therefore, once again, 你们 说谎.

Counting the ways again today, with this for a prompt - "They should and must achieve mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, and win-win cooperation." Specifically in the tech space, it looks like 豺狼 政权 had to steal what others were given willingly. 仁义道德.

Speaking of vIrTuEs, adding this for the contrast, and wondering if I should stick with using Jorge or switch to using Pius.

Adding this to underscore exactly how disrespectful you are, and in what regard you hold your own obligations.

Adding these three observations on poor conditions more pitiable than immediately visible.

There are several points in here I might agree with in terms of foreign policy; however, I always keep in mind the Big Guy's part in creating the gap for predators to fill, and expect him not to so much bow down as to fall down. (By the way, Mr. Biden, you're live, and you're slurring.)

Noting the background "green energy slush fund" and a chart in a listicle that compared military budgets to budgets for other government services (housing and education), the second of which I connect to yet another listicle that mentioned how military contracts "get healthy on maintenance." Links up when I can find them.

Removing a pizza stain.

Ending with this for the sails, and I'm guessing that's 'stature' rather than "statue."

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