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Background noise fascinates me on how many things can be webbed together, and how.

Thought I'd re-up this link regarding screenshots (thanks again for the information) as a reminder.

Thought I'd add this and wonder how it ties in here. (Noting that cracked body and mind is on such intimate terms with dishonest and cowardly that it's for the best one has no obligation to strangers beyond a hose when they're on fire.)

Thought I'd add this to wonder if the research his center hasn't done has solved anything "intractable."

Thought I'd add this to wonder if s/he had a record before transitioning, and how that win reflects the skill of one less physically imposing. (TL; DR - she fought fairly and won.)

Thought I'd add these three links for all the numbers.

These result from the choices that show me what zeitgeist deems one ought to value for oneself and want for others. Want more examples? (TL; DR - if this drives what you vote for, you don't get to blame anyone else for the outcome.) Appreciate the reminder to be good enough to disrupt the circumstances - it's meant reconciling the dissonance with literary references using book thanks for the technical and poem thanks for the sentiment.

Moving this reminder because I definitely want to underscore 小丑 as well as the pride (-ish) in all the 悍妇, but this one's the problem? You don't like your own tactics after all? (If that's indeed what they are, aLlEgEdLy and all that.) And quick question - 电话号码 不是 她 的, 对吗?

By the way, Jorge, take your time with those relations - this chick has time, and no one's keeping track of people like her. (Who knows why? Could be paperwork, could be Pius. You wanna talk to this guy too?)

Adding this reminder of what a whisper can do when those involved aren't journalists, and to leave the boozing to elsewhom.

Ending with this to connect a thicker trunk with an increased number of branches.

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