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One learns the basic recipe before playing with one's food further. Shortbread cookies, for instance, can be turned into chocolate chip, berry thumbprints, and snickerdoodles (among others) with small changes in the process. Not my experiment for the day, though, and I'm looking forward to that.

Continued heads up on an AI voice - one I noted earlier from this channel had a misidentification (a romanization as an acronym read out, IIRC), and another one I watched had a context-related emphasis error (like "make an entrance to entrance" except the AI's stuck at "make an entrance to entrance"), both of which were less likely for a human to make and easier for a human to self-correct and rerecord. Speculating as to why. (What? The mouse still has its uses.)

By the way, 悍妇: your tradition, not mine; and considering another rerun, congratulations on your 豺狼 政权 going 鲁你们.

Got a question for this on a listening exercise: it sounded something like 你妈妈怎么哪儿? and the translation sounds more like "where is your mother" rather than "where are your parents?"

And considering the titular character's the only woman in the series who didn't work against the emperor's interests, it's sad to see how the channels are scrambling for titles to feed the algorithm.

One does not flee from unpleasant circumstances; one merely uses the unpleasantness against them.

For example: why would guest athletes not accept the visas for these games and still show up for the flight? By the way, memory endures.

Penultimate this for the experiment. (Still there, 微软.)

Ending with this to wonder if any ornithologists involved were Australian.

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