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Dude, where is this? Story context points more north than east, which is all I can find without channel guide info. And the cuttings are starting to root - tempted to let the flowers grow.

Noting that a discussion on who ought to be in an ad's photograph showing people having difficulty with basic science concepts (specifically the paper-bowling-ball variety) may be anyone in the chain from those who first drafted the ad to those who allowed it to be printed, I'll agree; however, I'm also going to acknowledge the possibility that someone in that chain did remember how a crumpled-up wad falls at the same rate as a potential bludgeon while a flat, parachute-like sheet doesn't. The usual suspect motivation, that such people believe it's not their part to correct a mistake in someone else's work, perhaps with a bit of self-preservation mixed in, seems a more likely reason than an entire line of ad men being more intellectually deficient than the children shown in the photo. (TL; DR - not all stupid, but enough scared.)

Also noting that, while people have long since made visits to physical locations where issues important to them are taking place, somehow there's more of an impact to these visits lately, whether the people agree with what's taking place there or not - like they're taking a more direct look at the process rather than just politicking in a suit (who's captioning this thing?) that some of you are now required to wear boo-freaking-hoo. (There's a chance it might actually be 'what' - the captions have that blah-blah-blah blep blah-blah pattern.)

Tying these issues together with the observation - it's cute how articles in the feed try to reframe vigilance as addiction like it'll induce the vigilant into dimming what makes the listiclers so uncomfortable. (I wonder - wet socks uncomfortable or regime destruction uncomfortable? Eh.)

And how much were you paid to twist your story back that way, 微软?

Oh, and I also could put up the latest share prices for a little extra light on the issue if that would help - still a penny stock below USD 1, but it's ticking up last I checked, if that soothes. And how many other emails have you had to drop from the contact list, poor dears?

Adding this to wonder what sort of response the artist expected when his own 政权 acts in a 豺狼 manner that provides counterexamples for every ideal expressed in the 汉字 up there. (Certainly for the ones I could read in the photo from - was the photographer from the BBC or Cable Opinion Network?) Good thing the more recent article has another set of reading exercises to play with:

The blood of how many has to cry out from the ground, complicit coward? (LIke I said, anyone can quote scripture.)

Adding this to note context, specifically part of a quote that reads “China still has room for interest rate cuts." If mainland policy affects 香港 as well, how long will it take for those conditions to migrate?

Ending with this because it's tasty, but heads up on an estimated 28 per plant going by the article numbers - that's a snack.

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