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早. 安?

As I listened to a rerun about a deep space storyteller uniting a village against a common enemy, I considered whether or not to comment on the suppression of the Lotus to POTUS joke being a steaming pile of nuance that amounts to "it's fine when I do it." (Considering the relative positions of the people involved, I'd say the suppression is worse than the mortgage prank, and it's telling who people refuse to listen to.) Maybe I ought to add a pinch of "I wonder how these people choose who to defend?"

along with some "how much coverage will a clarification on this issue get in comparison to this?" (And these... way to vary those headlines.) I also wanted to keep tabs on those who speak of stock market regulation, who should consider looking at this as well if their second-chair-headliner's moments of pen-happiness might touch on that regulation.

This issue warrants a bit more 看.

Coal power plants.

Rare earth mining.

Environmental protection walkbacks, religious persecution, genocide.

Don't politicize trade.

Don't harrass students.

Don't restrict media outlets.

Don't interfere with educational organizations.

"To reject, threaten or intimidate others... will only push the world into division."

I can do far worse than call someone a complicit politician in a cassock. Maybe try 伪善者 or 战争狂, 脱空汉 (dictionaries are handy, 微软, and still there) or 敌害, because 兄弟 doesn't fit, and 互信 went out the window with 相敬如宾.

Before I end, I'd better add these issues to the list, because if retconning is a practice used outside fictional works so media outlets can make the people they support less objectionable, then I have to make sure these stories don't get buried, if only for my own information. (The last three links provide different perspectives on how the same story is presented. Note to self that the byline on the first one of these three wrote a piece covering the cop and the bathroom, and how little information there is in that first article in comparison to the others, instructor.)

Also, watch what information gets buried and what gets dismissed before using emotional appeals on important issues (again). It's happening.

Huh. I sent a message only a few days ago about this guy no longer leading from the front. Still side-eyeing the company itself considering the people he chose to run it continue to make this sort of decision.

Ending with this bit, because actual serenity now.

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