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The courtesy of silence, particularly for those whose own silence has already been complicit with evil, takes energy that I find better utilized maintaining that which lives (and is also quite tasty). Though it's a fair point - why should art and music and dance and literature suffer because of that which Jorge chooses to enable?

Adding these articles because several other headlines imply that the design regulations are motivated by yet another woke trigger. Both motivations are equally stupid, but one's the worser sort of patriotic. (And you've bigger problems.)

Adding this to consider: for one, these people are your alternative; for another, other voters might be so keen to punish the senile delinquent at the helm for a rerun that they'd reinstate a former head of state who's slated for prison (on whom, by the way, the senile delinquent tried to fob off that rerun), maybe in part because other alternatives A) said they wouldn't run; B) sound like a spinner; C) could do better in the polls. (Huh. Well, all right.)

And why is this complicated? If he's got the same age-related issues as the senile delinquent, it sounds like more support for term limits and competency tests, regardless of parentheses.

Penultimate this because, despite Jorge, it's a laudable effort deserving of loud.

Ending with this answer to a question thanks much!

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