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I wonder (if? that?) this writer stayed Catholic, because I have the odd feeling that, as little of this book I've gotten through so far, some of the events already described are taken from examples extant in his day. (Tch, they're not far removed from modern examples, come to that.) Odd feeling confirmed. My mistake - that's not snark, he's pissed.

Adding this reminder of fresh ties.

Adding this because given examples of 豺狼 政权 的 说话, I've made my choice on which source to 信任 - if this effort ensures the given examples stay front and center, then it shall continue.

Speaking of, adding this for a 豺狼 政权 that has earned all the 看看 - vocab 加拿大.

More projection, 傻掠夺者? (Pizza I keep. 谷歌邪恶 is the lesser of two.)

我不说西班牙语 muy bien, slappers. Also, Mr. Zeihan, I wonder if events since that video have changed your assessment.

Adding this to wonder about another traveling cat person. (Not these guys, since I don't know which team they're on, but why not add some early participants and a detainee? 点点点点人.)

Why yes, let's "move on" with a more definite idea of where to go - and where not to.

Adding the following for trade and a reminder - vocab 纽稀烂, 墨西哥, 越南. NB, clowns.

Adding this because it's mentioned another country (vocab 缅甸) that I haven't looked at as closely as I have others; and if 豺狼 政权's involved, that oversight is one I'd like to remedy.

Ooh, it takes that long to learn Barnum? How's it feel to work for a calculator that's learning to take the job it took all of three years to study for?

Ending with this to wonder what other plants in different planting zones have the same categorization and as many uses as the one shown.

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