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Huh. That's an awful lot of camo and unmanned drones for a show that's titled "Happy Life Tips.“ And now the news is covering this in traditional captions.

I find that one way to catch my eye is to mention the deletion of posts such as the one shown in this video. While I'll admit to sandpaper, it's tempered by concern. Not so much for this 吏僭 who's one of the first reasons I used the term 豺狼; but if 豺狼 吏僭 的 妻子 不可以 买 药 (what I can read of the video's translation fits the text in the post), can the constituents of this 豺狼 政权 expect any better? Sigh, fine, yes, that question did come up later on in the vid - I'm impatient like that.

And though I don't know how true this is, I'll take any study material I can find. If it is true, I pity any woman tied to him. Adding this thought here for the fit - I wonder how the timing of this news fits with the projections in this dubious tool of an aggregator? Not just 你们的话 but 你们的行为, 不我的. Though on the bright side, it answers my question on how the material in the book-to-movie diaspora and the historical fictions ties into modern life.

Adding this as a heads up to whoever the czar's left in charge of the border.

Adding this because still there, 微软 - does 酒肉 朋友 understand yet that 豺狼政权 only considers one 邻国?

Adding this specifically because I'd rather know than otherwise - all of it, like it or not.

Ending with this for the music.

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