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I could really use a way to review study material - how was his arm aligned when he made the strike? And I'm wondering if doubling up on the 汉字 in the context of speaking to a guard is softening an order (have a look-see, will you?) or doubling down on its urgency.

If I'm right, I did notice this story earlier, but it only caught my eye just now. A quick look shows me 不, and 不要 if I'm reading this correctly, which goes with "no" and "don't want“ (the better translation is here, with the negation first). If I've linked to this specific article before, I don't mind repeating it (note to self - remember 占占点), but how will the 豺狼政权 hype up its 战狼 now without using the newly-banned words? (Also, turns out it's just 'war wolf;' no '战士' here - dude, the term has the 占! - only 掠夺者.)

Looking forward to watching 豺狼政权 deal with 他们的浪静 - dictionary entry 自作自受.

Adding these articles here (screenshots!) to emphasize a crucial refusal, fundraising e-mail.

Adding this because from what I've been reading, I'm asking what "consequences" would be appropriate for a reporter who's hewed as neutral and direct as she can on the topic of a man who was unfit for office before the stroke. She showed the difference on either side of the health issue, and her contemporaries are presenting their experience with that same official (contrasting with hers, and to his benefit). My opinion of The Junction is quite well cemented in place, but by all means, do continue confirming that the amount of faith I have in this institution is right where it should be. (And if you could do so in SEO terms while you're at it, solidify that confirmation, thanks ever so.)

Adding this because thank you, Tony. (Since it looks like the focus is more on losses than territories held, this too.)

I'd end with some a capella, but it's not even Halloween. (I swear that pun's unintended.)

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